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When you head north on Interstate 35, past Oklahoma City and its dormitory town of Edmond, you’ll pass the sleepy little town of Guthrie, and soon after, cross the Cimarron River. Look back over your left shoulder on the hill overlooking the river and you’ll see the Riverhill Ranch which houses Buckhorn Cattle Company. The ranch straddles both I-35 and the Cimarron, and sits on an area opened to settlers who came mostly from Europe for a new start almost 130 years ago. The Land Run of 1889 has been romanticized in films by Irene Dunn in 1930, Glenn Ford 30 years later, and by Tom Cruise’s 1992 film Far and Away.

Among other endeavors, Buck and Sharon have been ranching for two decades. They run a red Angus herd, but their real loves are the Registered Texas Longhorns. The goal is to raise cattle with tip-to-tip measurements in the 70-80 inch range, with dazzling colors and the smarts to make friendly eye contact. They began with premier foundation cows and now have young bulls with superior genetics and a number of beautiful ladies who measure in the 80s. And many of the girls coming up are falling in the Dalgood Projection1 to hit our measurement goals at maturity.

Drop by as you drive north across the Midwest. Give us a call to make sure we’re home. We’ll be glad to see you.

1 dalgoodlonghorns.com/hornpredictions.htm: Method of predicting horn length at maturity, derived from statistical analysis of horn data, published in the December 1999 issue of the Texas Longhorn Journal. While there is obviously no sure thing, this method has been proven to be the best scientific guess.



Eight miles north of Guthrie, Oklahoma  Mile Marker 165 on I-35. We welcome visitors to Riverhill Ranch. Please call for an appointment.


-Member, Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), Former Director and Treasurer

-Founding Member, Texas Longhorn Cattle Association

-Member, Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Association

  -Lifetime Member, International Texas Longhorn Association

-Member, Millennium Futurity

-Member, Indian Territory Texas Longhorn Association

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