How It All Got Started

It was the second half of the ‘90s and Buck and Sharon were still resuscitating their latest acquisition: a real estate closing office and abstract plant in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Late one evening they looked up over mounds of paper on the conference table and asked the time-worn question of folks who wear the Captain Mid-Life cape: do we really want to spend every day of our lives doing this? The housing bubble was heating up and the title business was exciting. Too often like being in a crashing jet is exciting. So they asked each other, What do you see yourself doing in ten years? They agreed their happiest times as kids had been on a cattle ranch, so Buck researched breeds and decided to take a look at the beautiful Texas Longhorns.

To build a herd in a competitive market the neophyte needs a plan. Which they didn’t have. Until they met Dale Hunt who would soon become their mentor and friend. His details of foundation bloodlines left their heads spinning, which he called being “cow drunk.” And so they remained for the first year.

There were many adventures and so very much to learn. They bought an exceptional cow without her weaned calf so she flat-footed a six-strand fence and galloped off to look for it. She was last seen heading down Broadway Avenue toward Edmond, but search as they did, they never found her. Apparently she decided to do business with another company. They began with some great foundation ladies such as Delta Sandy and Delta Mona, and in a few years had built to about 125 momma cows from well-respected bloodlines. They acquired the great bull Not Gunna (and still have some of his daughters), then bought some Boomerang CP influence through his son Mr. Boomerific out of Cocoa Puff.

They then turned to three straight Butler bulls: Farlap Chex, and two of his sons Dark Star Chex and Brazos Chex. Farlap Chex may be the greatest pure Butler bull of all time as exhibited in the pedigree of Cowboy Tuff Chex, the longest horn measured bull in the world as of Fall of 2016, owned by the great breeders Bob and Pam Loomis.

Fast Forward 20 Years

The Buckhorn Cattle Company ranch straddles both the Cimarron River and I-35, north of Oklahoma City. Buck is still in the oil business and Sharon still has title companies, but their real love is the ranch and the magnificent “cattle of kings.” The ladies tend to bond with their owner, make sometimes spooky eye contact, use those horn tips to cause mayhem like raising latches on gates, and could teach us all a thing or two about tending our young. And as for color, Forrest Gump’s momma said it best: you never know what you’re gonna get.

When Buckhorn Cattle Company was founded, tip-to-tip horn measurement of sixty-plus inches was considered exceptional. Twenty years later the tape will top out past ninety inches tip-to-tip on a few ladies in the breed. Many measure in the eighties and a number reside on the ranch. And seventy percent of the herd carries the Buckhorn brand. .

Emphasis is on pedigrees that produce horn length, with careful consideration to those qualities the breeder notices only when they’re missing: correct conformation, a pleasant disposition, and the ability to raise a healthy baby. And for their own enjoyment, Buck and Sharon breed for dazzling color and twisty horns. Our present plan is to cross Top Caliber with the Gunman-Butler genetics we have developed over the years.

A word about the BIG BOYS

Take a look in Herd Sires at Patton, a true blue roan and a winner at the 2016 LWC with 80-7/8 ttt inches at just 30 months and was a winner again at the 2017 LWC with 87-3/8 ttt inches.  Patton latest measurement being 10/04/2018 at 90 1/16 ttt inches. Patton is in the top 10 bulls in the Longhorn breed in ttt measurement according to data on Arrowhead webpage.  And then there is Homerun HB who measures 84 7/8 ttt inches as a 7-year-old.  Also, Delta Lucky Duck, another young bull sporting a >90 inch ttt sister and sired by LLL Lucky.

But wait…wait…there’s MORE!
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